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Managing Complications for Aesthetic Injectors

Successfully identify complications that are at risk for any injectable procedure.

Learn how to effectively mitigate potential adverse effects in a way that gives both you and your clients peace of mind.

Get equipped with the proper precautions and measures to ensure safe procedures every time.

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Course Overview:

Safety should be the number one priority for any injector. Mastering the ability to address common aesthetic complications like nodules, infections, and hematoma will boost your confidence as an injector and retain loyal clients for your business!

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Kassie Pruneda BS, MSN, APRN, NP-C

Kassie is an instructor with a deep passion for aesthetics and wellness, dedicated to educating others to help them feel their best. Her teaching approach emphasizes personalized care, focusing on understanding and addressing the unique needs of each individual. Kassie believes in a comprehensive methodology, taking time to explore various treatment options and ensuring all questions are answered. At the core of her philosophy is the goal of making individuals look and feel their best, achieved through attentive listening and fostering a comfortable environment under her care. This approach makes her course invaluable for those interested in learning about personalized wellness and aesthetics care.

Course Content

See an overview of what we'll cover in this course!

Non-inflammatory nodules, commonly known as granulomas, are small, firm lumps that develop beneath the skin. Unlike inflammatory reactions, these nodules do not typically exhibit redness, swelling, or warmth in the surrounding tissue. They often form in response to a foreign body reaction triggered by materials injected during aesthetic procedures, such as dermal fillers.



Bacterial infections are a potential risk associated with aesthetic injections, occurring when harmful bacteria enter the body through the injection site. During aesthetic injections, bacteria introduced into the skin can lead to localized or systemic infections. Localized infections may cause redness, swelling, pain, and pus formation at the injection site, while systemic infections can spread throughout the body, causing more severe symptoms.



Vascular occlusions in the blockage or obstruction of blood vessels, typically by injected materials. When vascular occlusions happen, they can lead to compromised blood flow in the affected area, potentially causing severe complications. The lack of blood supply can result in tissue damage, necrosis (cell death), and other serious consequences. In extreme cases, vascular occlusions can even lead to blindness if blood flow to the eyes is affected.



Inflammatory nodules, can have significant and lasting effects when formed during aesthetic injections. The effects of inflammatory nodules extend beyond their visible presence. They can lead to persistent changes in the treated area, causing alterations in the skin texture and contour. The inflammatory response may contribute to discomfort or pain at the injection site and is considered an adverse reaction.



A hematoma is a localized collection of blood outside blood vessels, often forming a swelling or bruise. In regards to aesthetic injections, hematomas pose a significant risk and can occur when blood vessels are inadvertently punctured or damaged during the injection process.



During neuromodulator procedure, injectors may encounter complications such as temporary bruising, swelling, muscle weakness, eyelid or brow ptosis, changes in facial expressions, rare instances of infection at the injection site, or allergic reactions. Unintended effects can occur if the neuromodulator spreads beyond the targeted area, leading to temporary issues.

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Embark on a Transformative Learning Journey

Remember, the access to this enriching journey will be active for 60 days post-enrollment. This is to encourage you to embrace the learning process fully and make the most of the resources available to you.

Your journey begins the moment you enroll, with 60 days of exclusive access to our comprehensive material.

This 60-day period is meticulously designed to give you ample time to thoroughly engage with the course content. It's the perfect window to explore, learn, and apply new concepts at a pace that suits your style.

Hesitant about the time frame? Don't worry! We understand that life's path is not always a straight line. If you find yourself needing a bit more time or have questions along the way, our supportive team is just a message away. We're here to ensure that your learning experience is seamless and rewarding.


Enroll in our Complications Course today and get ready to amp up your knowledge and confidence in managing complications.


For a limited time, enjoy a special discounted price of $349 (usually $399) through the end of the year.

"Kassie is an amazing injector and educator. I recommend this complications course to everyone in the industry or considering getting into the aesthetic world! I think it is an amazing course and easy to follow."

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